We have designed for landlords of great shopping malls and for the greatest firms.  This allows us to have a comprehensive understanding of the needs of the different agents when developing new designs and when outlining a partial or global restyling.

Building homes is the greatest challenge an architect can face. Houses are spaces that condition the lives of their inhabitants. It is our responsibility to design spaces that improve the life of their inhabitants. Each case is different, which leads us to developing a unique way of designing for each way of life.

We create spaces that reflect brand identity, translating its values ​​into tangible elements. In addition, we put the architecture at the service of well-being, creating productive, creative and innovative spaces, adaptable to the new types of collaborative and changing working methods.

Public buildings represent a great opportunity for architects to show what they can do in the international scene. However, this also carries a heavy responsibility, since the buildings become a very visible part of the city and a key factor in the life of their inhabitants.

In Cabana we understand Architecture as a very wide discipline and we gather that Architects, authentic humanists, drink from the knowledge of many fields. Thus, research plays a very important role in our firm: this is a practice that helps us grow and evolve.